From Tiny Bubbles to Transformative Rhetor

The very first piece of choreography I performed was a hula to "Tiny Bubbles" which my mother taught to me. I performed the dance at my 4th grade class Luau. I would never say now that I am a trained hula dancer, but I move in curves with thumping hips and trace the setting through my fingertips, very much like hula dancers do.


The very first piece of choreography I created was a duet with my sister to Madonna's "True Blue", which I danced relentlessly in front of my bedroom mirror. The intimacy of my childhood room was perhaps the best private dance studio and arts incubator of my experience to date. Ultimately, these early dance moments lead me to develop my life lens as becoming Movement and Dance. I see, feel and intuit the world through this language of physical performance.


My "work" happens when I let go of the trappings of production and consumption, identity and community, future and past. My werrrk is mostly internal and invisible to the physical eye, until inspired to express and grow into spirals of light waves only the felt experience can perceive.  My work is really Play, and I'm thankful for the inspiration to make up my own language, logic and logos with every breath and gesture. I value improvisation as an advanced movement technique and I greatly appreciate complex yet cohesive structures in performance.


Love is the message, if there ever was one.  Movement and Dance, both in physicality and in theory, for me, is the best way to reconcile our humanity with our perfect desire for unconditional love.  For, the only thing we can rely on is Change, and Movement and Dance teaches us how to live in grace and balance within that reality of flux. 


Transformation is the process. And I practice it interdimensionally on the basis that as Above so Below, as Within so Without, being one of our greatest truths and useful principles to keep in mind as I wander this earthly plane. In other words:

I am an

Intellectual Arts Meta-Duality Processor

or a

Transformative Rhetor

reading Movement and Energy Text(ure)s

on a mission to expand our awareness of the ever-shifting human consciousness through the language of improvised performance

won't you join me on this ride called love and life

may i have this dance


Janine Trinidad aka j9trini

July 1, 2016

Photo by Keira Heu-Jwyn and courtesy of project agora

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